Wednesday, 25 July 2007

the transition

helo's been a while since i posted out a blog..gosh.. i've been hmm..not to say busy..but ya, i was around here and there and me myself kept very tightly occupied that i couldn't update my blog..hihi.well,let me point out the story line for the past 2 months.

okay.. i went to Petronas induction in the mid of may..two weeks in permata, bangi and followed by another in merang, terengganu. one word was awesome! i had so much fun..the classes at permata were rather "membina" and full of laughter..more team but there gave me such hard time scratching my head and aching my muscles especially during giant slipper race.hehe...we also went to rumah titian kasih near jln tun razak for our charity + community service. i was so touched with the kids there.some of them were left by their parents and some of them are suffering from serious diseases after being molested and abused.i learned a lot there. at merang suria, the classes were much much more serious..intense and focused on operations detail that some of us who are not from technical background couldn't understand.but the evening activities after class were extremely fun..walking down the beach..taking pictures here and there..swim on and off the shore..hehe..i made quite a number of new friends there as well..learned a lot from them too..i met this guy from petronas australian pipeline marketing named Luca Yau..he's one of my best buddy throughout the program..came back from the induction, most of us were like missing each other..flooding our mailbox with crappy chained mails..haha..ya la, after few weeks together kan..

the month of june flowed just like that with nothing interesting to be highlighted about..i went back to penang and continue practicing or managing the depot especially on maintenance issues.but then in july, this month..i heard a news came from the HQ that i'll be moving to sarawak.gosh..i didn't know what to feel.i'm gona replace a colleague of mine there.he'll be leaving for other petronas's subsidiary.there are pros and cons attached to this relocation which to take place soon..expected in be honest, i don't really mind being in sabah or sarawak.ya, despite that i travel back home from penang to kl every's not much of the place.but it's the work that i'm more concerned of.i will be in maintenance team.meaning, i'll be doing different thing in swak, different job scope..exactly on the flip of the coin from what i'm into now.that i have to change my skill group.back to mechanical line.meaning i have to start all over career progression path is now crooked already.i see myself in ten years to be in the management line..not in the purely technical that i'll be diverted back to mechanical engineering..i have to change my plan..the so called career successful plan.but on the other side of the fence, there are also good things bout the, i'll get a permanent box in the division's organization chart..which is a big massive thing for a starter like me anxiously been waiting for.that means, i'll end my seeding or floating period.i'll do my own kpi..stretch to my own more carbon copy targets from others.two, the work there require me to travel from kuching to sibu to bintulu to miri, back to kuching and so on.because i'll be covering the whole region's depot maintenance activities.significantly..i'll get more money from allowances..hehe..three..the learning curves will be multiply exponentially..because there will be so much to be grabbed to be digested for.i'll learn a lot there..for sure.

other minor how am i gona survive am i gona eat there..and others kept me in head scratching mode for these few weeks..what to's my work..i have no options..i have to follow the order.but tula..positive thinking..its all bout the mindset..i'm sure there will be all good things when i move, sarawak and i come!