Thursday, 24 March 2011

twenty eight and counting

twenty eight and on and on and onwards. yes, almost three decades. twenty eight is simply can no longer be round out down to 25. sigh.

last Monday was my twenty eighth birthday. i received quite a number of wishes from friends and family members. but nothing can match up the essentialness of my wife's effort to celebrate me and my sign of ageing day.

for the first time in my life, someone wrote and read me a poem about how she feels about me. man, i was so touched by her effort. speechless. she even read it in front of almost 30 friends of mine last weekend when me and my MCKK brothers had a small "family" gathering. you know, with wifes and kids around. but of course, i played cool about it. but deep inside i'm all healed. hence, the warm hug i gave her after she finished her last line, which rhymed inadvertently with former lines.

but birthdays will always be birthdays. meaningless if we don't sit back and reflect on our achievement or improvement throughout the preceding year. as a matter of fact, birthday is the right time to look back, just right on the dot. the timing couldn't be any perfect than that.

i looked back on what i've achieved when the number was still 27. honestly, signing a life partner was the hype of the year and probably one of the best thing ever happened through out my entire life. god, i am so grateful to you that Firdaus's path and mine crossed.

anyway, here are some pictures taken during our little family day at FRIM, Kepong last weekend, held in conjuction with the closing ceremony for our tenth years anniversary celebration. well, it was a good outdoor hang out,with good food, with best friends around, kids around and most of all, with my wife around :) enjoy~

group photos..boys only =P

group photos together with wifes and kids :)

managed to sing along our glorious used to be cheering song entitled "istana kuning" back when we were in form five :P

the poem she wrote..

she read it..quite bluntly loud :P but i love it, every single line of it..

the hug, my appreciation gesture :)

naughty boy :P

make up competition..i think Firdaus had her revenge well taken :P

and boys will always be boys..hehe :P

Saturday, 5 March 2011

free will and resilience

i had a movie marathon last night. i watched oscar triumphant the king's speech, followed by matt damon's the adjustment bureau. there's no doubt that colin firth was sublime and superb. they the whole crew deserved the oscar. matt's twisting love story with emily blunt was not disappointing either. it's good in its own way. i like it too. well, not as good as similar lost and found romantic comedy love story in the likes of serendipity or stardust, but surely it gave me the fruitful thoughts after the movie.

i learned that, justin bieber's slogan never say never is so true from both movies. wherever there's a will, sure there will be a way. free will is so precious that only we mortals have the luxury to think, decide and use our emotional feelings on almost anything. it's a privilege, really.

in my quest fighting procrastination, i must never yield on tempting voices to sit back and waste time. i must hold on to my will for success. and success is a product of sacrifices and hard work. there's no short cut. i've read so many successful stories of successful people, and most of them have a few traits in common, maximum time capitalization and of course, resilience. they didn't wait. they acted. immediately. and when they stumbled, they never gave up.

so, i've found out my weakness against time capitalization. i lack the sense of urgency. in most things. so i really need to work on it. everybody does. even the great king george the sixth worked on his stammer. and he worked hard. no exception. so do i. i have to. if i want to achieve whatever my goals are. i don't want to dwell on past glories. move on and work hard.

life is hard. life consumes us. life requires us to make sacrifices. it's not easy. well, nobody says it was easy. and surely, nobody says it's going to be this hard. and now, many things are urgent.