Sunday, 21 February 2010

tick tock! and the lantern

yeap, the clock is ticking. i am going to be twenty seven years of age in a month time. time is running out. am i single? nope.
there's someone. all this while, there all along. but i just can't quite make a move. now the ball game is on me. i was hurt, big time, forgiven her but just can't forget, still hurt. that's it.
i can't take this to the next level. we all have to agree that the damage has been done and it was collateral. beyond repair, irreversible.
i have to mend myself, and move on. this is a battle in me. the inner self of me.
dear god, show me the way. send me the lantern. the lights. what to do. what to say.
just go with the flow or drop the ego, bow low to accept the apologies?

Thursday, 11 February 2010

vintage photo enhancing

lately i've been drowning myself into photo editing. inspired by famous wedding photographer Saiful Nang, i keep nailing myself in front of my mediocre laptop, editing few pictures. i took pictures and select few for vintage kind of enhancing.

it's kind of fun, to play around in photoshop. here are some of my results. kindly please visit my flickr photo page by clicking the "misery flickr" link. have fun!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

red is the new black

today, my mom just shocked me.

she called me this afternoon when i was still in miri, doing my technician's year end performance appraisal. she told me she wanted to have me bath with flowers tonight, just to cleanse the jinx in me if there's such thing in this world. what the heck? i never believe in those kind of things.

she said i must have gotten something supernatural superstitiously cursed with me keep finding myself in scarce of luck when it comes to find the right girl. she got to be kidding me! for me, god has everything to do in this kind of business. when the time comes, it will happen. if it is meant to be, it is meant to be, and going to be.

it is all just a matter of time. and patience is the key.

nowadays, everything is just turning upside down, inside out. they all working backwards. moms are getting worried over their getting older single sons. sigh! maybe red is just the new black and pink is the new purple.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

shutter speed or aperture?

for the time being, my favorite creative setting is "shutter speed priority". because it is much easier to control the shutter speed and let the camera processor determines the appropriate aperture opening by itself. especially for candid fast moving objects and people. consequent on that, if the setting is too fast for example 1/80 seconds, the appropriate aperture set by the processor will be a bit wider like f 8.5 in order to compensate the scarce of light source. the result will be a bit dark that i have to set the ISO to 1600 which is going to produce sort of grainy images.

on the contrary, "aperture priority" is to set the desired aperture openings and let the machine automatically match the appropriate or adequate shutter speed. wide aperture will allow more lights to enter the lens but normally longer shutter speed like 2"5 seconds which is so going to make me sweat holding the camera while waiting for it to process the capturing and yes, blurry images!

hmmph, sigh~ which one is the best? especially night scenes and i refuse to use the flash. help needed here!