Friday, 15 February 2008


hey..i am back..ya i know..its been a while since last time i wrote. trillion sorries for dreadful dumb silence.inevitable it was since i just moved to sarawak. and indeed many things had happened and i think i have changed eventhough it is kind of funny no one notices it. but it's okay to me..because for me, of all things in this world, me myself that matters most. i love me and i am so deeply in love with me..hehe. giler self centered. lalala :)

so what's new? well, i am in sarawak now. renting an apartment, small snug cozy contemporary service apartment with security outside and god forbids, i am staying alone (ya i know..). i had my virtue time when i first arrived here, staying with few colleagues but heck things didn't turn up well and here i am..back to like old times sake misery.hahaha. yeah, i know by now some of you might be saying "dude, tell me something new".haha. well, i tried!

how bout expected. more challenging, more head scratching, forehead and eyebrows rubbing..i think the geographical location factor is the most hustle of all. i cover the whole swak region and from town to town, logistically tedious and wearying. you got yourself into airplane every 3 days, let's say from kuching to bintulu god knows on the blue world where and stay at the hotel most of the time. fuh, me worn out already after only 5 months. and i hate early morning flights! you have to wake up as freaking early as 4 o'clock in the morning, and drag yourself to the airport, check in and help yourself a sip of mocha or whatever caffeine based so called refreshment at the terminal while small earphones plugged into . and these series of activities kept rewind and reoccurring, forming a team up as a process. and it's killing me. argh!

but then, bad things always team up with the good dud things at some plots. hehe. they do, trust me. even though i work like sh@#*t, but still i got the handsome awesome allowances..
lets talk bout this later coz now i am in the midst of something.i will get back to you later, this i promise you..haha..bout the picture, i know its kinda lame..lalala.asta~