Sunday, 23 January 2011

me against procrastination

hi everybody. finally, the new blog layout for the year 2011 has completed and on air for the first time. yes, as i promised earlier, i will use my wedding theme as my new blog layout.

unfortunately, the header seemed to have problem with resolution and sharpness, so i guess i'll just fix that later.

why against procrastination? well, personally, procrastination is my big stumble blockage. it's like, if i can go through this, i'll be better, no, not just better, i'll be the best among most.

procrastination has been my problem over the years. this year, i want to deal with this so called deep venom once and for all. hence, the new blog title. no more light at the end of the tunnel. since, i've found the light. right? lol.

so for the time being, enjoy the new look. i'm still trying to change the color theme, i mean, the font colors and all, but i just can't find where it is. but heck, i'll find it later anyway. (was that a sign of a brief procrastination?!)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

taman botani

it's been a while since i last went for outdoor photo shoot outing. yesterday i went to taman botani, putrajaya with few close friends. it was awesome!! simply. it was.

here are some of my pictures.

i went as low as i could. get dirty and sweaty. as high as i could. to get that extraordinary angles and perspectives. but still, i think i need a new lens. maybe a new kit lens with an acceptable zoom range and aperture. maybe a macro lens perhaps since i'm kind of like those macro capturings on bugs, flowers and follicles. but i need a wide angle lens too :P hahaha~

seeing the result from faqroul's newly purchased 60D, i think the processor really kicks in when it comes to the color and refreshing details. of course i can always process them in photoshop in my post processing but i personally think it is time for me to upgrade myself to an intermediate slr. my kenny 500d is an entry level. not to downgrade kenny (poor thing) but, a higher level of processor really going to help me.

is it the camera or is it just me needing a new lens to add up some spice in my captures. maybe it's time to do some research on new lens in the market. and conduct a feasibility study whether to upgrade to 7d straight or just settle with 60d first. we'll see. afterall, i just bought kenny. one year ago.

whatever it is, i need additional lens. full stop. period.