Monday, 25 October 2010

bridge it closer

just because we are different in many ways, it does not mean that one of us is wrong. how many times i've wrote this line in numerous posts before.

all we have to do is learn, learn and keep learning about each other. embrace the difference, accept and respect the gap and bridge it closer by mutual interest and consent.

this is very crucial. in sustaining any relationship. stop day dreaming of the impossible, the existence of "the other half" or the significant other or someone similar like you. there's no such thing as such. everyone is unique. even a mother can think differently and argue with her daughter. and even a twin brothers killed each other over a girl.

but i, have knowledge over this. for years. i will not let the same old mistakes reoccur. and i will not forgive myself for any secondhand stumble. it's so cheap that my pride is too big to tolerate with.

i have to be wise and tactful in this. to please all sides. everybody. i know it doesn't sound right, saying it alone doesn't make it any better. but this life, of a matured person. i have to do this.

be careful of what you say and what you wish for. you might get it all. even the bad ones. and too much of anything can make us sick.

perseverance is the key. keep myself on top of everything. compose. think thrice then name the price. it will be a surprise. of what i can pull of :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

tealing fuchsia

fuchsia and teal. yes, finally, i made up my mind and managed to convince my ever fussy mom to choose teal and fuchsia as our theme colors for our reception. what a combination!

Monday, 18 October 2010

on and onwards

last weekend i drove to johor bahru with my mom. to her place. along with cupcakes and fruits. long story short, the deal is on. and onwards. say hello to sunshine, the light, the lantern :)

big step for steep bloke :P now contemplating on the theme color~

Sunday, 10 October 2010

complement and compliment

we are like symmetrically complementing each other. and isometrically keep complimenting each other. she loves numbers and i'm better in words, colors, shapes, songs and bla bla bla. basically, everything less structured, and anything else other than rigid set of things named numbers. i lead, she manage. and i like that. it's the thoughts that count. 11th of february next year is the date selected. i know it's kinda rush but we are working for it "virgoriesly" as a substitute for vigorously. yeah, i made that up :)

she is so sequentialed and organized. well, you know me, obviously jumbled up yet rhythmic =p

i got you

i've been listening to leona lewis' i got you over and over again. what a nice song from a talented sweet singer. i just want to say that i'm so glad and proud that i found you. finally :) enjoy the lyrics~

a place to crash
i got you
no need to ask
i got you
just get on the phone
i got you
come and pick you up if i have to
what's weird about it
is we're right at the end
and mad about it
just figured it out in my head
i'm proud to say
i got you

go ahead and say goodbye
i'll be alright
go ahead and make me cry
i'll be alright
and when you need a place to run to
for better for worse
i got you
i got you

ain't falling a part, or bitter
let's be bigger than that and remember
the cooling outdoor when you're all alone
we'll go on surviving
no drama, no need for a show
just wanna say
i got you

cause this is love and life
and nothing we can both control
and if it don't feel right
you're not losing me by letting me know

a place to crash
i got you
no need to ask
i got you

and you have me.. :)

Monday, 4 October 2010

towards the completion

how irony things can be. how fast things turned out to be. after weeks of self searching, and self reflection, i am now not just getting better, a bonus, a blessing, a privilege to have her coming into my life in a very unexpected fashion which none of us can ever derive.

after all these years. after all the sufferings. after all those battle scars. finally, i have what i want, what i always wanted, only after i realized that i am nobody, not even close to perfection. then, she entered this timid life, purging the air back into it. like an apparatus. and now, i'm inhaling alternated by exhaling.

i couldn't believe this is happening. so does her. both of us can't believe that in months time, we are complete. all in all, i am so happy and glad that my prayers are answered. gratitude to Him, i am now changing my pace, my course towards the ultimate thingy, called fulfilling. lets pray to Him so that things will go smooth in future endeavors.

for the first time in my life, it doesn't feel so hard. no doubt, no hassle, no worry. and i don't have to be anybody, nobody, just me. like it's my destiny. surely, this will be the most anticipated event of all time. can't wait :)