Saturday, 6 September 2008

syawal in kuching?

bad news guys...i am going to celebrate syawal in kuching! a direction from the management in klcc that one executive has to stand by during hari raya since our depots are in full blast operation and not put in halt.

what can i say? i am just a machai..junior engineer...i had to. paksa rela la ni..hehe. i am allowed only to go back on the 4th day of raya. what now? lets forget about being grieved not be able to celebrate with the loved ones. and focus on what to do here in kuching.err..can't think of one right now..

someone help me please? damn, i am so gona be toasted here.. should i go for a boat ride along kuching waterfront on the eve of raya?? but i heard that here people wear baju raya for a week where am i supposed to find 7 sets of baju melayu??

chip in guys..please.