Thursday, 8 October 2009

everything makes sense now

now everything makes sense. this world it revolves around an axis, round and round and so do this life, eventually will come to its senses. there are things will never be explained. i thought it was like that. but after couple of years, suddenly it comes and knock my head and everything flashed back. i wonder why can't i comprehend everything first time first hand. why does it always have to be some when later. is it because of change of paradigm?

paradigm means how we see things, how we see the world. we see the world as it is or the way we are? most common people see the world the way the are, how they live their lives, how they operate..but successful people see things looking the world as it is. we really need to get our head straight before we do anything, before we decide on something. paradigm is like a mental map. a map that guides us to the correct destination. where's the destination? it depends..but one thing for sure, principle governs the path or how you get to the destination. what do i really want actually in this life?

hmm, tough one aye? well..i just want to love and be loved by the loved ones..hahaha. scrap this..bosan tunggu flight lama lagi~bluerkk