Thursday, 10 September 2009

can you handle the truth?

i have just learned a lesson recently. the very one thing that matters in this life is the balance. and when you talk about balance, it brings you back to the very basic of elements of life which is the truth. the truth is what this life all about. people said that the truth hurts. as matter of fact, it does. that is what i learned few days back. it did dismantled me to be unbalanced.

i have always been straight forward kind of guy, i don't usually go around the bushes and i am not ashamed of the truth. i speak my mind and i own my words. even if i screwed something up, i will try to think of how can i make it right again rather than being fuss about what had happened and being grieved about the impact of what had i done. and surely, i appreciate people who is honest and speak up the truth because i appreciate the truth, i do, i really do. without the truth, people will lost their tracks and don't know what to do. i am speaking of past experiences.

is it really that hard to stand up for truth? i don't really believe in white lies. why lie just because you don't want the other party to hurt because you know the deception you give will only make things worse. for me, just hit them with the truth if you really care for them. i hate people who thinks those white lies will make them look good or leave them as the "good girls / guys" or their incapability in telling the truth because they don't want feel bad about themselves. i'd say all those are denial kind of character or maybe lack of integrity.

my advice to you, don't be a coward and tell the truth even if you screwed up badly. because i would appreciate it dearly and it will be much easier for me to make decisions deriving from that. i hate it when you lied on my face, when you dishonest me. how do i know you weren't telling the truth? because your actions after that didn't speak in your favour and the truth..

maybe God knows this is the best for me. being isolated from the truth..but surely one thing for sure, not everyone can handle truths or have the ownership to tell the truth..