Wednesday, 13 May 2009

moving again or moving on?

i heard rumors that i am gona be transfered again soon. don't know, not sure when exactly but the hearsay was strong saying Senai will be my new home.
back to the operations?yes, i'm going back to the operations. why? have no idea. perhaps, it is time for me to move on from maintenance. i suffered a lot here in maintenance Sarawak. and i did learned a lot too. but then, another move after nearly just only two years here? there's must be a reason. one, they don't want me here anymore or two, some people at somewhere need me more than the people here, which is in this case; Senai people. will this be beneficial to me or am i just another black sheep or scape goat in some shit cycle to solve someone else's problem? yes, i am single, very mobile and high adaptability. but is it really necessary for me to move? i mean, later of course yes, but now? don't you think it's kind of too early to be relocated?
i will celebrate my milestone in the organization this august. only to reach my 3rd employment anniversary and i have already transfered twice and soon it is going to hit number three. shit, it's tiresome. packing, moving, settling back down, start all over again, new place, new faces.
i'm just..exhausted. that's all..