Friday, 11 July 2008

mr j tryst and his sarging business

hey babe, is it ok if i am to keep a wallaby as a pet?or would you prefer a panda more?haha..yeah, i know. it's kinda lame but hate to admit that it is one of my pick up line nowdays. hahaha..

today i wana talk bout mr j tryst. who is this j tryst? well, he is just another character i've created explicitly for my sarging business..another version of misery loves company..that sort of thing. misery loves company is specifically designated for my artworks and photography posts and production. now that i've ventured out in another genre of mind games and excitement, i need a new sobriquet kinda name. i know its kinda sophisticated. but aa, ya, who cares, i like it.

what is sarging anyway?sarging is from the root verb sarge. haha. it means courting girls for fun. since when courting is a serious business ait?but still the outcomes come varies. i might end up hurting myself and consequently toughen up. or, i might be drown and loose focus in work that i wake up late and wasted.

but whatever the result is, it surely give me a new lively boyhood and fill me with joy, if that is wat people called it nowdays. just to kill the luxurious time i have in kuching, especially. so heck, go to kinokuniya and search for a book called "the game" by neil strauss. its fun and hilarious. its about a guy who transformed from zero to hero. haha. cliche. but u might learn something as well..your social skills can be enhanced. the way you talk, the way you dressed up, how you approach people, to sustain a relationship (fuck no) and etc.

but one thing i learn through experience ; chemistry is very essential in sustaining a relationship or whatever you want call it. it might be not as significant as you are to built one because getting to know each other can be in various modus operandi. diversify. you can be in love with your best friend, a crush on your teacher..whatever.

what am i writing about? fuck, im bored :(