Sunday, 23 November 2008

ifs, buts and maybes

i was enjoying a good run of time recently..spending my lavish time in Kuching. well, i had some issues of concerning maturity as i argued with my boss. it's regarding a blunt accusations i got from the management saying that i am lacking sense of menhood. ah, frankly it couldn't get any frank than that. the word "immature" is harsh. too much on me. and it's killing me. but i'll worries..they going to need a better term than that if they are to challenge me. (that's the spirit! :p)

ran some shows and ball game on girls. unlucky them they are best friends..hahaha..nevertheless, the showmanship was rather effective and charming that i am always at my best at giving thoughtful thoughts, influencing people around me. especially on things pertaining love life, relationship and managing expectations on people. unfolding their sophisticated tangling was.

of course all those phrases were well constructed with ifs, buts and maybes..and i have been watching a lots of movie lately. so i am going to list down all those catchy words of wisdom here. some i got from movies, some i learned from people and some from my very personal life experience. i'm going to start with lesson # 5 like mambo number five.

5. you ought to learn how to draw the double solid lines (not dotted, not dashed lines) segregating between black and white. no such thing as shaded / grey area.
meaning = you have to be firm when it comes to feelings and making decision. and act like one..

6. truth hurts and waiting is devastating = say it even if will cost your life..because u'll never know the very resourceful outcome out of it..and sometime you have to make a move, as the initiator, instead of sitting and wait.

7. sacrifice is what we need to deliver whatever it takes, and do whatever it takes to sacrifice..i have no idea what it means...hahaha.

8. theatrics are the essence and the form of deception ; quoted from Rahs Al Gul in Batman Begins when he taught Bruce Wayne to be a ninja = don't trust anyone especially your girlfriend / boyfriend...hahahaha.

9. obsession is a young man's game ; quoted from John Cutter the Engineur of the Great Danton (it's French and it's complicated) in The Prestidge = what makes a man a truly men is how he controls his temper and using his temperament as a strength. knowing when to accelerate and knowing when to push the big red stop button. you are the MD/CEO of yourself sdn bhd!

10. when you are good at something, never do it for free ; quoted from Joker in The Dark Knight when he introduced himself in front of the mob bosses = basically its about relishing your potential and strength.

so, think bout them..they might come handy to you one day..last but not least here's a line from The Professor played by Christian Bale (one of my favorite actor) in movie The Prestidge when he "dismantled" a magic trick of his profession rivalry cum fellow apprentice, The Great Danton played by Hugh Jackman.." go easy on the poor chap, he does try too very hard"..

i think what its saying is, in my understanding, just be yourself, because that is the only time you are at your best..