Monday, 22 November 2010

finally finally

finally. finally. and finally. i'm engaged. my intention to marry her was pure and truthful. that i almost drop tears when her father said he accepted my uncle's engagement proposal on behalf of me and my family.

finally my sincerity is accepted sincerely by the receiving end. sincere and honest enough to accept me for who i am and for who i've been. and for who i am going to be and always be. honesty is no longer the hardest thing for me. now it's all about me and honesty.

finally finally i got what i always want which is sincerity. finally finally she's all my true and truthful authenticity. and finally finally i am almost complete, completely.

i am all happy. everybody is happy. all cheery for the soon to be, finale, finally finally :) then i can hold my chin high that i live my life truthful, and hopefully successfully. they rhymed, yeah! :P

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

old cottage

i'm back at my hometown, Kuantan. for this year's eid-ul adha. there's always something refreshing about this house. the house where i grew up. and there will be always something to ponder, to refresh and freshen up about when i come back to this house.

this is the house where i used to feel everything was so big. but now everything in this house is small. and looks cute and simple. like how three of us, me, my brother and my little sister used to be. and it's always nice to look back at our toys, our old bedroom, the bed sheets, my room in the attic, my old lego collections, my sister's cute old Garfield knitting, our old pictures and frames, our old text books, our old t-shirt collections. all the things are still there, untouched. man, it is good to be back. it's almost a year past since last time i was in this house.

it's not that i don't want to go back, as my mom always keep pressing me to drive her back during weekends. but work commitments, golf, and other stuff prohibited me to do so. but it doesn't necessarily mean i don't miss my origin.

well, sometimes, it's good to rewind back where we come from. to remind back how far have we come so far. the stretch. so far yet so close. i might have bought another house in the city but my heart still beats this house. so close and dearly. this is where it all started for me and the whole family, 5 of us.

i miss my childhood. this cottage speaks the whole volume, the whole spectrum of memoirs of my childhood, and my journey. sigh~

Monday, 8 November 2010

remember november

it's almost half past november. so fast. feels like the year is just started. like it was still in march or april. man. time really flies. so fast in a blink of an eye, you won't notice that people around you change, a lot. and worse, you won't be able to realize how much you have changed over the months.

speaking of november, at this point last year, i was still in Sarawak. staying up late. usually. that time, i just picked up golf, about to buy myself a set. look at me now. back home in the capital, and golf is almost everything now :)

last year november was one of the toughest months, difficult period of time, in my life. i learned a lot this month last year.

this year, it's all a different story now. i am getting engaged two weeks from now. who ever thought of that huh? :P

nothing much to point out in this post. i just want to share how much i've changed as an employee and as a person, as a whole. and i am much happier. stable. chilled :) yeah, it's good to be back. i mean it. it's GOOD. till then, i'll catch up with you later, with more updates on the engagement. OMG! i'm getting married!! :P