Friday, 10 October 2008

past baggages and humility

past baggages and humility. recently an old friend of mine mailed me and from there we had a decent chat. and out of nowhere, she gave me a tap on the forehead kinda thought. an advice actually.

she was urging me to let go all of my past baggages, stop hurting along the way and go for humility. "wow!", i replied. i didn't expect such remarks from her. not from a girl. it's been years since we last talked. hehe..but it didn't matter. i can take open criticism on me. PETRONAS has spent thousands ringgit to train me, to digest and swallow blunt thoughts from the poeple, environment and etc. hahaha.

nevertheless, i did denied it initially. of course. sorry. maybe i was shocked. i was complacent. now i know that i have to be guard against complacency.

i have been thinking. from what she said. it was like kind of an eye opener, mind boggler. the very big question mark is, am i a boasting character?

let's hear from you guys. throw in your thoughts and what you want to say. i am all opened. please. till then, i bid you very well bye bye, sealed with kiss and thank you, miss..haha