Sunday, 23 March 2008

happy birthday msry loves co

helo,pick a number between 0 to 9 and keep it to yourself,later i would like to take a wild guess on it. i bet it was 7. why 7? because studies made and statistically proven that most people asked will definitely go for 7. haha..well, there goes my so called warm opener.

so, what's new? yesterday was my 25th birthday. gosh it was a rough gash after quarter of a century of ups and downs..i think i've moved on so fast and yet not that far enough. i've been to places where i never thought i would have my foot step onto it..from a town developed aligned to hong kong where all the sign boards have those fu chao writings on it. sibu. that is why people said sibu is the next hong kong. haha. then i went to k kinabalu this year. nice town, the chicks are also as friendly as clowns and god damn sure they are hot, sizzling and look ravished. owh, i think it was astonishing kot. gile ke ape ravish?hahaha.

to be frank, i never had a real birthday celebration or what people called nowadays as birthday bash. i never had a cake for my birthday..because everytime when its my birthday my parents will divert it to another thing more important. something like that. like it was not that significant that required much attention, and lets put the energy to another thing which in need of it much more than my birthday. i think. but its okay, its just a birthday, a number, a sign that i'm getting older. and so it goes this year. i was all alone in kuching, and somebody reversed his pick up recklessly like i was never there and ran over my front bumper. it was s*#ks. it did spoiled my mood. hey, i was singing faber drive's second chance. and for god's sake, it was my birthday and give me a break. it supposed to be memorable. argh..

we talked and discussed, if that's what you call a discussion. i somehow doubt it. he asked for my number and just took off, just like that left me blank, filled me with thousands and one questions. in the likes of " hey dude, who's gona pay all these shit?" "i'm so toasted, this is my company's car, i'm not suppose to drive it on personally interest and worse, my boss is coming to Kuching next week". i didn't get the chance to jot down his car's number and f%$king phone number. he throwed " don't worry, i have your number already". what? how am i suppose to believe you? you just "park" your car over mine. right? what if he just ran away, then i am all alone to be blame. it was friday yesterday and it happened in front of a mosque , where i wanted to park my pick up and drop for friday prayer. i prayed and lucky me, he wasn't that rude eventually. right after done with the prayer and all, he personally came to me and resumed the discussion. i got his number and his car registration. fuh lega.

he sort of agreed to pay for all the cost. sort of. he begged me to some sort of like "contribute" something due to his incapability in bearing all the cost. the bumper will probably costs like 500 and the cost for workmanship and the painting will be most highly likely to be around 400. so he was asking me if i could grant my mercy to cover up if not all, some of the painting cost. he did say he had a son who is currently studied in utm skudai and he said that 900 is too much and probably will consumed half of his monthly earnings. well, i have a high level of acceptance of pathetic story tellings and of course, high empathy. so i agreed, reluctantly. but i have convinced myself deep down inside that i'm doing this for his family. not him. well, he was reckless yesterday.

so today i was thinking of getting myself a new guitar as birthday present. to make up the mess occurred yesterday. sort of. i left my old guitar at home kl, and i think it would be nice if could play few songs here, while i have nothing to do, just to kill few empty deafening boring hours. why not?

work..well, work is nice and stressful. those four letters work / team up exactly how they are supposed to mean. work, it just has no end. tak habes habes. so the best thing to do is prioritize them and let the submission due ranks them all. i think that's all for now. got to ride. yeap, ride in the pick up, who is bruised, just had a thump on his right cheek. hihi

summary : don't drive and sing loud when you are on your way to the mosque. or else, you might get caught off guard and somebody will reverse his car on yours. haha