Monday, 16 May 2011

a story behind the selling

i sold my old lenses last week. two of them. one, my old "kit lens" canon EFS 18-55mm with IS and two, my zoom lens canon EF 75-300mm USM III. i posted them in the internet via and would you believe it? i never thought i would do it either. but it really caught me in surprises. really.

it was amazing how quickly and how effective this internet marketing can be. it took them only few minutes to text and call me. and the most surprising thing ever was, it only took me one day to sell both lenses. after both buyer handed me the cash, i said to myself " man, that was quick"..

what really went right back then? was it the coverage that the internet covers, the real time basis of the marketing, or was it the price tags that i posted were too low that caught most attentions? i simply don't know. maybe all those played their respective roles. 50 texts and few calls..all asking on the availability for both lenses. until today! well, guys, sorry, both lenses sold! :)

now lets talk about the buyer. both of them are very young, still new in the business, relatively and both of them are still studying. what? how on earth you guys can afford to buy dslr while studying? it's either their parents are rich enough to pamper their kids with gadgets and toys or, it's purely, the excitement, the passion that drives them.

now, what really touched my heart was, that both boys don't even have any other lens other than what they bought from me. and one of them just bought the body, it was canon 1000d i think, and it took him months to be able to purchase, a second hand kit lens. i said what? how would you going to take pictures without a lens? he said, patience brother, patience. and one of them did, took the trouble to ask me, what is it to feel like being able to buy brand new stuffs?

gosh, i whispered to myself. it's like a hard flash back on what i used to be. i used to be broke most of the times. it was hard back then when i was in the college and during my university days. i used to fast in order to save money and minimize my expenditure. i grew up in a moderate family. now i remember. i remembered it all..

life is changed. i changed mine and the whole family. i bought a house for my parents. i paid my car already. i don't have credit cards as i don't rely on one. the only debts i have are my house and a personal loan. but what is it so important other than this? this all lavishness? does money guarantees happiness? well, artificial one for sure, and money helps. a lot. but it is not everything.

now, from the lesson of selling the lenses, i learned that not everybody is lucky. not everyone can climb up this far. some people just whithered. hope fades away, consumed by needs and necessities. and i learnt that, in this life, i must give. give back. in order to blossom. to bring back meaning in it. contribute, sharing, help others. that are things i want to do. my sister said that i have all the talents that i can share with others. why not? maybe photography, those artworks can be a good start. self motivation is also my thing and maybe i can do something about it. you know, to help others.

but a part of me inside keep asking, how sure can i be to help others? does it going to work? how would people perceive me? since i am far from perfection, what makes i think i can help other people's life?

well, those are mean questions. but being mean does not necessarily kills. i am mean, i was mean though. but i am not proud of it. i learned from it, from being mean to self mastery. and marks, the maturity. sometimes i miss those people who helped me going through the process of change. the painful steps that i took. the bitter words, the etch, the tears, the heart and the me.

p/s : the picture above has nothing to do with the story.