Tuesday, 5 June 2012

count your blessings

some people are just ungrateful. they just can not stop complaining. and being angry and dissatisfied.

sometimes we have to sit back and check that it is not a perfect world. it is wonderful, but not ideal, far from perfection. and we can't have everything we want. but being content is noble and being contentious is evil. for me, being grateful of what we have is just plain vigour, mentally. so noble that it elevates you above others.

I've learned that all my life, i will never get everything that i wished for. lesson learnt. and I've been taught to be thankful and beholden, yet appreciative towards others. live by that code, that principle. hence, it is just too hard for me if it is not reciprocated.

but then again, life is like that. the world is not an ideal kind world. never thought being content of this feelings can occur to me. not this early. but the timing can never be this right. patience required and maturity cemented. I'm still well aware of all the blessings, the privilege I've lived on with. and still counting them in and counting on them.